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Rock Electronic thank you all the way

Release time:2019-04-02

    Twenty years ago, on March 24,the sky was clear and the spring flowers were blossoming. Rock Electronic Co.,Ltd(the following referred to as “Rock Electronic”) followed the footsteps ofspring and came into public view. Since then, Rock Electronic leads a group ofpeople with dreams, talents and vitality to embark on the journey! Today, 20years later, Rock Electronic is like a red sun, illuminating every part of thecity. Through countless ups and downs, Rock Electronic has finally ushered inits 20th birthday.

    OnMarch 24, 1999, under the slogan "time is money, efficiency is life",which shocked the whole country, Rock Electronic registered in Shekou (theoverseas wholly-owned subsidiary company Hwadar Scientific Technology Co. wasregistered in Hong Kong in 1998). Since then, Rock Electronic has supplied awide range of high-precision frequency products in switches, transmissions,access and mobile base stations to telecommunications equipment manufacturers,such as Huawei and ZTE. Twenty years passed quickly, in this period, we mayhave missed the best opportunity in development, but our kind, sincere, responsibleconsistent purpose, let us win our customers' recognition.

    Evenencountered the most difficult economic environment in 2018, we still insisted topursue independent research and development and break through technologicalbottlenecks. At present, in the technology of high-end equipment, the productsof Rock Electronic have been able to fully compatible with and replace theworld's top imported products, providing the products with better than 5e-19index for the second and third generation ground stations of Beidou system.

    Thedigital economy is a new era in which China leads the world in the future. In2019, standing at the starting point of the transition between the old and thenew, the products of Rock Electronic will be fully connected to the networkera. We will try our best to provide the best technical equipment in the worldfor our products, hoping to become the heart of the escort for the digitaleconomy, so that our partners can fly freely and safely in the digitalfour-dimensional space.

    Finally, Rock Electronic thanks for havingyou all the way, let's start again in the next twenty years!